Support Coordination

Understanding Support Coordination

Support Coordination is a NDIS funded activity designed to ensure participants implement their plan promptly. It is also about building capacity with participants to enable outcomes as set out in their plan.

Once approved by the NDIS, participants are allocated funds to work with Support Coordinators.

Our Support Coordinators have the tools to drive value into or out of service provision within local communities.

Great Support Coordination is about:

Facilitating what is possible with your NDIS funds
Building capacity to exercise choice and control
Supporting you to navigate the NDIS marketplace and finding providers that are the best option for you

Why choose OnSide as your Support Coordinators?

We focus on you, your abilities, your strengths and what you want to achieve and look for new and better ways to support you
We have a strong network in the local community and will work with you and your family/network to access services in your community that match your needs
We highlight and engage services that are close to you so you become a more included member of your local community

Our team talk the NDIS talk, know all the ins and outs and are happy to have a chat at any stage of the planning process.

We even offer complimentary Pre-planning sessions which give you the opportunity to meet the team and have a think about your goals, your life and what outcomes you want before you have your NDIS meeting, so you’re well prepared and know your stuff going in.

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