Our Team

Together we can do so much.


Our team bring a depth of NDIS knowledge from various roles and a solid understanding of the disability services sector.  Probably more important than that we pride ourselves on enabling outcomes and connecting with people in a meaningful way.

We are passionate about building capacity with individuals with whom we work.  With exceptional local area knowledge and great community networks, we strive to creatively meet your needs.

Each of us bring a unique set of skills and expertise to our role and meet regularly to share our knowledge and support each other.


Together with my wife, I bring lived experience of having a disability, to ensure social inclusion is alive within all communities. As an ambassador in the Every Australian Counts campaign for many years and more recently as a Disability Development Officer I bring a lot of relevant experience to our OnSide team.

Among some of my proudest moments of late is being nominated as citizen of the year in my local community for events I’ve lead focused on empowering young people springboard into the their lives post-secondary school. Any spare time I have, you can find me socialising in my community or grabbing some shade, sitting under a tree in a bushland or sea outlook, reading a book from my favourite author John Maxwell.


My previous employment was working as a Senior Local Area Coordinator with a NDIS partner in my local community. Prior to this position, as a qualified Social Worker, I worked alongside patients within hospital wards to assist discharge planning with regard to complex health and disability impacts.

I came to the health and disability sector following my own personal experiences of being a carer for a family member, and completed a Social Work degree, with a strong desire to support others. I am absolutely passionate about assisting individuals to promote their strengths, find solutions and navigate services efficiently.

I am a married mum of two amazing teenagers, and two adorable sausage dogs. I come from a large extended family, for which I am very thankful for. I enjoy spending time with them, or doing anything that involves creativity… painting, drawing, craft, sculpture.


All of my professional life has been engaged within the Allied Health and Disability sector for the last 4 years. Initially trained in Speech Therapy, more recently I’ve been building on my NDIS knowledge and skills as a Support Coordinator. Nothing makes me happier than supporting and empowering my customers in all aspects of their life.

Together with the team at OnSide I have the opportunity to continue to deliver quality and effective supports to NDIS Participants and their families. Ensuring that everyone I work with receives an individualised level of support to enable the best outcomes, for them. I am a strong believer in the power of positivity and a quote that I live by is: “Open your heart and soul to the world, listen to the stories of people who have struggled and know that you have the power to make their life better.”


My background is in mental health and I work especially well with individuals who are experiencing psychosocial disorders. I obtained a degree in Psychology and am currently completing post-graduate research. I am also registered with AHPRA as a provisional psychologist.

I like to have a warm and non-judgemental approach to Support Coordination and believe all aspects of your life should be considered when working through your NDIS plan. I chose to be a Support Coordinator to help individuals with NDIS plans work through them in a logical and effective manner and make them feel as comfortable as possible during their time with OnSide.

Outside of work I spend my time reading and writing on issues related to human behaviour and mental health, listening to various forms of music, and travelling.


I have worked within the disability sector for the last eight years within respite facilities, 1:1 supports, recreational program manager and most recently Support Coordination within out of home care and foster care. As a Support Coordinator with OnSide, I can assist both our customers and their family or support teams to think big with their NDIS plans. For many customers it is the first time they have been able to drive their own services and choose how those services are delivered. I never tire of seeing the happiness that comes when a customer is in control and achieves their goals.

I share a love of motorbikes with my family and we are always on the lookout for the next bike to rescue and restore. This love of motorbikes sees me watching Moto GP on television or live at Philip Island when the circuit comes to Australia.


I have spent the last 38 years working in the Aged and Disability sectors, across all aspects of disability support from attendant care, to managing residential support services. Before joining the OnSide team I worked as a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) engaged in the Outer East where I gained extensive NDIS knowledge.

I am committed to supporting those with a disability and their families and carers to gain a better understanding of the NDIS and my focus is supporting people with a disability to have choice and control in their lives.

I love the beauty of what our amazing country has to offer and enjoy living in a rural setting amongst many and varied critters and creatures. I am passionate about supporting communities where we celebrate each and everyone’s differences.


I started as a Support Worker in 1999 working in accommodation, recreation and adult day services; whilst I completed a Bachelor in Applied Science (Disability). I loved being a Case Manager for many years and when the NDIS started I first worked in recruiting and managing support workers.

I really appreciate hearing what people want to achieve and explore, and I like to think ‘outside the box’ to bring your ideas to life. I truly believe OnSide is the team to work with to make the positivity grow.

I love nature and outdoor activities. Rock climbing is my favourite pursuit at the moment, whilst at the same time cycling and hiking get a lot of my attention too…then I like to take some time out st at the cinema or in my hammock!


My professional experience have included roles within Tourism, Media and Hospitality industries, always with a slant towards inclusion and diversity. My time, more recently, in the Disability sector has centred around employment from both the job seeker and employer’s perspective. Most of my time was spent developing strategies to allow job seekers and employers make meaning matches in a sustain way.

I love working with and empowering people with disability to become financially independent and support them in bringing their choices to life. I think this first about building good rapport and confidence with the people I work with. Build abilities and sharing my experiences of a variety of tools and resources that will allow achievement of personal goals.

My favourite book is “Who moved my cheese? An Amazing Way to Deal with Change in your Work and Life”. It’s about how we adapt to our environment and seek happiness and success. Something I continue to work on every single day.


After spending all of my working life in the sports industry, particularly sports management and development, I wanted a role that would make me step outside my comfort zone. That led me to apply for a role as Local Area Coordinator a role I held for 2 years before moving into the role of Support Coordination, now as an active member of the OnSide team. I am very passionate about supporting people with disability to achieve their dreams and assisting them to live as independently as possible. In my spare time I enjoy going for walks along some of the amazing walking tracks we have in Australia. I also enjoy having a BBQ with my family and friends and a nice cold beverage while watching some form of sport.


I have been involved within the areas of disability and mental health for the last 23 years, starting as a Support Worker, then Mental Health Lead Practitioner, Community Rehab, as well as an advisor at the NDIS and now a Support Coordinator. Throughout all these roles I find there is nothing better than seeing a customer access support and therapies, which will enable them achieve their goals and live a fulfilling life.

Currently I am studying my Masters of Disabilities and Inclusion to develop my skills and knowledge further and enjoy working alongside the team at OnSide in creative and collaborative ways. I also enjoy time at home with my family watching cooking shows, collecting new recipes and growing my own herbs and vegetables to cook with.


I have worked in the disability sector for over 10 years. I have extensive experience teaching children on the Autism Spectrum and for the two years prior to joining OnSide my experience with the NDIS was as a Local Area Coordinator.

I am passionate about evening the playing field for people with a disability. Working with OnSide gives me the opportunity to empower people to achieve their goals.

Outside of work I love spending time with my family, being outdoors and keeping healthy and active. I have two young kids and a dog and they keep me busy.


I am a teacher originally by training before I completed post graduate qualifications in Rehabilitation and Special Education. I have worked in the health, disability and aged care fields for the past 28 years.

I am so excited to be part of the OnSide team, who values and respects the individual first and foremost. I am passionate about supporting a person to have choice and control over what they feel is important for their life.

I have always accepted people for the individual’s they are. I love engaging with people and have always been involved in community recreation groups whether enjoying cycling, hiking, running or theatre together.


My journey into the disability world began with the completion of a Masters in Social Work. Since then I’ve gained incredible career experience and knowledge at leading not-for-profit organisations working within a multidisciplinary care team to provide supports to people experiencing moderate to severe mental health issues.

I am very driven to connect and get to know people, to listen to their story and provide supports along their NDIS journey. Especially working with people living with mental illness to see that they too obtain choice and control when planning and navigating the NDIS and their supports.

I bring a very positive attitude to my responsibilities as a Support Coordinator and an optimistic outlook. In my personal time, I enjoy engaging in my passion for photography in its many forms, trying different types of tea and caring for my dogs.


My journey in the disability sector started 10 years ago as an in-home support worker, my passion for my profession grew leading to a successful completion of a Masters of Social Work and then gaining employment at the NDIA which then sparked my interest to pursue the role of support coordinators.

I believe that with the right support and guidance we all have the capacity to achieve great things, I am proud to be part of the OnSide team and to enable the best possible outcomes for my customers.

“Too often we underestimate the power of a smile, a kind word, a listening ear an honest compliment or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around”…


I have been working with people with a disability to achieve their goals in a variety of ways over the past 30 years. Roles include direct care both in home and in the community, management of day service programs and individualised support programs always assisting people to achieve.

Support Coordination allows me to continue to assist people to achieve and therefore overcome any negative perceptions that occur within our community of people living with a disability.

We are in exciting times and learning and growing together excites me. OnSide’s values and mission have aligned with mine, this partnership will grow and the person with a disability will benefit by growing and participating in their community successfully.

I love football – you will know when you meet me who I support!


For the last ten years I have worked in community services as a Drug and Alcohol/Mental health case worker and disability support worker. This led to employment as a Local Area Coordinator (LAC) with an NDIA partner in the Yarra Ranges where I had the opportunity to be involved in the entire NDIS planning process, from pre-planning to building plans for NDIS participants.

I am very passionate about supporting people and the Support Coordinator role at OnSide allows me to combine this with my in-depth knowledge of the NDIS to achieve the best possible outcome for our participants.

I live in the Yarra Valley with my dog and my two alpacas and I love going for long runs or hikes with my dog, cycling, gardening and anything DIY.


I have over 10 years’ experience working in the Employment Services sector assisting people with disabilities find pathways to employment.

I am committed to assisting people to enhance their lives and supporting them to achieve the specific goals that improve their quality of live and independence. Working as part of the OnSide team gives me the chance to have a positive impact on people’s lives.

Outside professional life I enjoy living an active lifestyle, spending time in the gym, time with family and friends and playing in various sporting teams as an engaged member of my local community.


I have been working in the disability sector since 2011. I have had the opportunity to work in a range of positions including direct care, administrative roles and service management. I have always been passionate about the rights of people with disabilities.

I am very excited to be working as a Support Coordinator during this period of change as the NDIS provides greater choice for people with disability. I am proud to be a part of the OnSide team dedicated to enabling outcomes by linking customers to the best connections.

Outside of work, I enjoy watching movies, having adventures with my family and my dog. I am not a good cook but always keen to learn new recipes. I am always looking to learn new things and I have just started to learn how to play a guitar.


Having worked in the Community Services sector within Disability, Women’s and Children’s Homelessness Services and Community Development Initiatives I have gained an understanding of the importance of individuality and the necessity of there not being a ‘one-size’ fits all approach. I am lucky to say that I love my career choice and I am delighted to be able to work within a framework that encourages diversity and compassion.

My role as a Support Coordinator is based on the foundation of supporting the people I work with to achieve their goals in a meaningful way that empowers them to see their own potential. Experience from working with vulnerable communities and individuals means that I am able to holistically unpin what isn’t working and develop strategies to implement positive change.

In my spare time, I like to write and record podcasts relating to the importance of self-care and mental health awareness and when I’m not doing this, you will catch me roller skating or learning how to sew.


I have worked in the Aged, Disability and Community sector for the past 40 years. This includes aspects across all areas of the disability sector from direct care to managing supports. I started my NDIS journey as a Local Area Coordinator, where I gained NDIS knowledge from pre planning through to implementing and building NDIS plans.

As a support coordinator I am committed to supporting NDIS participants, families and carers through their NDIS journey, giving them choice and control to achieve their goals.

I enjoy going to the beach, as well as getting away camping each year on the NSW North Coast. I like to spend time with my family and friends and enjoy getting together for barbecues.


A highlight career was starting a school in remote Western Australia for youth from the neighboring Indigenous communities. We learnt ‘on country’ with a key focus on engaging individuals to reach their specific goals. Seeing the success of empowerment through individualised goals setting lead me to be involved with the NDIS and supporting people with their plans to enable their desired outcomes.

I am focused on providing independent Support Coordination, bringing value from strong connections with local service providers whilst honoring individual’s choice and control. Together with the OnSide team I strive to build efficiency into everything we do.

My favorite way to start a day is with a run, come rain, hail or shine and love nothing more than to finish the day sharing dinner and our highlights from the day with my young family. Two simple and profound words I recall strongly from childhood are those from my grandfather, saying we are all ‘differently abled’.


I have worked within the disability and mental health sectors for the past eight years and am passionate about assisting people to make positive changes in their lives.

Prior to my role as a Support Coordinator, I was working as a Local Area Coordinator during the rollout of the NDIS and was at the forefront of many exiting changes such a huge reform brings.

I am dedicated to providing a person centred approach for NDIS participants and work to achieve the best possible outcomes for them and those who support them.

In my spare time I enjoy connecting with my family and friends, doing some creative writing and exploring new restaurants.


Throughout my time working across many parts of the human services sector, I’ve always had a focus on establishing solid relationships with individuals and their care teams.  Including provider, stake holders and local agencies.

I am driven to support others overcome personal obstacles and work alongside individuals for best outcomes.  I have been in the disability field for 18 years with the last 6 years in Residential accommodation Management, with a focus on Autism and positive support practices.

Working at OnSide allows me to actively engage with customers helping them achieve best outcomes for their life.

I adore animals especially dogs. I have two rescue Koolies; one is blind and the other is deaf. They give me joy and laughter daily.


I has been working in the disability services sector for eight years, originally as a disability support worker within day services and residential services. With an academic background from my studies of a Bachelor of Applied Science, a move to being a Support Coordinator has proven to be my best yet, as there is such great alignment with who I am.

I am committed to supporting people and their families to navigate and understand the NDIS system. I brings a person centred approach to my work alongside a drive to assist our customers to reach their goals and achieve the best possible outcomes in life. Out of work I can often be found in the pilates studio or on the netball court and love spending my weekends discovering new places, cafes and restaurants or relaxing with a good book.


I have developed my understanding in the Local Area Coordinator role since the NDIS first rolled out in the Bayside Peninsula local government areas. As an experienced professional and have helped many people navigate different government systems over many years.

I am committed to supporting people with a disability, their families and their carers, to develop a strong understanding of the NDIS and empowering them to live a full life.

When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my family, getting outdoors or watching the latest movie.


My professional experience before joining the OnSide team was as a Naturopath and Doula; both gave me valuable insight into appreciating people as individuals and that everyone has their own unique story.  I am passionate about sharing meaningful connections with people I meet and love immersing myself within my local community.

I believe passionately about an inclusive society for all, and continue to be empowered as I support many people with their access to so many great services and activities, as they expand their life choices, new networks and friendships in their communities.

In my spare time, I love experimenting with a new recipe in the kitchen or getting my hands dirty in the garden, and when I’m not doing this, you will find me at the yoga studio or learning AUSLAN.


Wherever I have worked I have demonstrated exceptional customer care, and robust relationship building skills whilst enjoying collaborating with my team to achieve excellent levels of customer satisfaction.  Being part of the disability sector is an exciting new chapter and I look forward to embracing every part of it and meeting new people.

I am committed to providing support to people with a disability, their families and carers and to apply a strong understanding of the NDIS, empowering others to achieve their life goals.

A perfect weekend for me would begin with a short hike in the great outdoors and would end with playing sport, board games or watching a movie with my young family.  Within the next five years I plan on completing the Larapinta Trail – an extended walking track in the Northern Territory.


I have 10 years background working in the Mental Health sector and more recently getting to know people on the autism spectrum by getting to know their unique strengths and interests. My work also, at times, included engaging with people who were aged, frail and those with disabilities. Following on from this, I became a Local Area Coordinator where I gained an extensive knowledge and understanding of the NDIS.

I am passionate about supporting NDIS participants on their journey of achieving their goals and having positive outcomes. I am committed to assisting family, carers and individuals to gain maximum supports from their NDIS package.

I am a caring and compassionate person who enjoys spending time with my family. I spend a lot of my free time reading and I enjoy traveling to new places.


Most recently I spent four a half years working as a medical receptionist and administrator with a busy multidisciplinary clinic. During my time there I was able to gain valuable customer service skills and insight into the vast health and disability sector.

I feel extremely fortunate that I am able to connect with such a diverse group of people whilst working at OnSide – be it customer, provider or colleague. I am excited to be able to provide support and administrative assistance to our fantastic team of Support Coordinators, so that they in turn can assist their customers with the implementation of their NDIS plan and achieve their desired outcomes.

In my spare time I can be found with family and friends, whether it be enjoying my local fantastic array of eateries or exploring different playgrounds with my kids. Most recently I have been fortunate enough to visit some marvellous campsites and plan to find many more.

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