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We’re big fans of the NDIS and think that the work they’re doing across Australia is pretty amazing. With almost half a million people expected to join up, they’e super busy. Lucky for you, our team are NDIS gurus with heaps of experience to guide you along the way.

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The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) is revolutionising the way disability services are provided in Australia. It has been designed to support people with a permanent and significant disability to take part in everyday activities.

Through the NDIS, you identify the supports you need to live your life. These supports help you achieve goals in areas including independence, involvement in your community, education, employment, health and wellbeing.

The NDIS gives you choice and control over how, when and where these supports are provided. It gives certainty that you will receive the support you need over your lifetime. It also focuses on early intervention, at a time when getting early support can reduce the impact of disability.

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We understand how important these things are to you because they’re important to us too. To make them happen, we all need support. You want the right people in your corner, and that’s where we come in.

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You must be really excited about getting your NDIS plan up and running. And so you should be. You might also be feeling a little anxious. Don’t worry, we know that getting your head around your plan can be a little tricky.

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We offer complimentary Pre-planning sessions which give you the opportunity to meet the team and have a think about your goals, your life and what outcomes you want before you have your NDIS meeting, so you’re well prepared and know your stuff going in.

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